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By northlakes70067205, May 20 2016 07:43PM

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Living in Minnesota we all love summer and being outside!! However, could some of the products you use every day to protect your skin be more harmful than helpful?

What is the largest organ in your body?

Your skin! So we should be taking a closer look at the products we are using on it every day to keep it looking young and healthy.

In the summer we try to protect our skin by using sunscreens we think will be keeping our skin protected but some of the most common brands of sunscreen could be doing harmful things to your body.

So what should you do? Look at the ingredients and do some research – find other alternatives or explore “healthier” brands of sunscreen. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) does an amazing job of comparing and listing all the facts about different types of products we use every day. The EWG site allows you to explore each product you currently or will potentially use and they break down the ingredient lists. They explain the harmful ingredients and rate the sunscreen on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the safest for your body and 10 being the most harmful.

Check out these sunscreens and decide what one you would want on your skin.

Keep your body healthy, and do your research before buying some of the common, and most talked about brands.

Happy Summer!

To find out more information about some of the unknown facts about sunscreen check out this article on EWG - Eight Little-Known Facts About Sunscreens

By guest, Dec 11 2015 04:02PM

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