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Chiropractic is a natural, holistic alternative to more traditional health care. Many believe that this style of treatment for your body gives the innate ability to heal itself and that drugs can often interrupt this process, leading to negative effects.

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Treatment for your body

Chiropractic treatment usually consists of palpation, spinal adjustments, nutritional advice, exercise programs, and overall improved body function.

The backbone of your health

At North Lakes Chiropractic, we wish to be the "backbone" of your family's well-being. All ages of patients are accepted for chiropractic care.


    - Traumatic Brain Injuries

    - Neurodegenerative conditions

    - Vertigo

    - Trauma

    - Prenatal / Postnatal care


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"The Drs. Condos care about their patients, and they have the skill and knowledge to improve lives greatly. Dr. Kolby has been working with my 11 year old daughter who has Tourette's syndrome. His special understanding of chiropractics AND neurology has helped her more than any medication has. I highly recommend this clinic and these amazing doctors!

- Tracie M via Facebook

Our doctors will look at your whole body, draw any blood labs, interpret the results and develop a plan for your care. We'll combine a +Functional Medicine, Functional Neurology,  and Chiropractic care to improve your health and function.

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